The Process

The Process in a Bucks County Juvenile Crimes Case

The juvenile crime process in Bucks County is confusing and not set up to help your son or daughter.  It is imperative that you engage a Bucks County Juvenile Crimes Attorney immediately.

Whether your son or daughter has already been charged or is being investigated (i.e. a police officer wants to speak with them), you need to protect their rights.

If charges (a “petition”) are not yet filed in Bucks County, you will want to retain an attorney as an informal adjustment in the matter may be negotiated.

If a petition is filed in Bucks County, your son or daughter has been “charged”.  A “Juvenile Allegation Form” will be submitted by the officer, detective, or trooper.  At that time, an interview will be scheduled with the Bucks County Juvenile Probation Department.  It is important to speak to a Bucks County juvenile lawyer prior to attending the interview.  The proposed legal strategy for the juvenile will impact the juvenile and family’s participation in the interview.

Additional Necessary Steps in Your Son Or Daughters Bucks County Juvenile Crime

After the interview, the matter will be heard at a haring in Doylestown, PA before the Bucks County Juvenile Court.

At the Juvenile hearing in Bucks County, your attorney will be either:

1)  Preparing for an adverse hearing (similar to a trial)


2)  Looking to resolve the case, including negotiating length of probation, community service, ACT weekends, CAP weekends, restitution, etc.  This is frequently done through a Consent Decree.

If you, along with your son or daughter, agree to a Consent Decree, Informal Adjustment, or other plea deal, the court may require periodic hearings to determine compliance, behavior, and when the case should be concluded.


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