Potential Outcomes for Your Bucks County Juvenile Crimes Case

Timing in Bucks County juvenile crime matters is critical.  Thus, it is important to obtain an attorney immediately as certain options/outcomes may not be available if a petition is filed against a juvenile.  Often, one’s legal strategy is tailored to a desired outcome in a Bucks County Juvenile Crimes case.  Potential strategies and outcomes, include:

1)  Guilty/Not Guilty:  Having an adversarial hearing is the lengthiest, but frequently most desirable  strategy.  Once a hearing is held before a Bucks County Juvenile Court Division Judge, a verdict of guilty or not guilty is determined.  At that point, if a verdict of guilty is determined by the juvenile judge, a determination on delinquency is made.

2)  Consent Decree:  A “Consent Decree” is negotiated in a Bucks County juveniles case if it is generally a first time, non-violent offense.  Terms of the consent decree are made part of the record and can include :

  • ACT Weekends
  • CAP Weekends
  • Community Service
  • YSA Progress Program
  • Resitution
  • School Attendance
  • Drug Testing
  • Meetings with probation officer
  • Curfew Compliance
  • No further juvenile crimes

Upon successful completion of the terms of the consent decree, the charges will be dismissed.

3)  Informal Adjustment:  Any time prior to the filing of the petition against the juvenile in Bucks County, an “Informal Adjustment” can be reached.  Thus, it is important to have an attorney advocated for an informal adjustment if it is desired.  An informal adjustment is negotiated with the juvenile probation officer and cannot exceed 6 months in length.  Frequently, fines, community service, essays, and no further juvenile crimes are requirements to completing an informal adjustment.

 Adjudication of Your Bucks County Juvenile Crime

There are a multitude of possibilities for your son or daughter’s Bucks County Juvenile matter.  Each case is unique and some possibilities may not be options depending on the facts and circumstances of the alleged crime.  It is critical to consult our Juvenile Defense Law Firm immediately for a free consultation in order to assess your son or daughter’s situation.


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