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Paul Lang is a Bucks County Juvenile Offense Lawyer.  He has defended juveniles in Bucks County through all phases of the process.

Right now, your family is in a crisis.  Paul’s goal is to resolve your son or daughter’s Bucks County juvenile crime in the best way possible.  This can include numerous strategies, including holding an adverse hearing, crafting a Consent Decree, agreeing to an Informal Adjustment, or obtaining an outright withdrawal of the charges.

These cases are a full team effort — involving family members, coaches, teachers, and the child/teen involved.  We work toward preserving your child’s record for their future adult life.

Bucks County juvenile crimes are no small matters, regardless of the alleged crimes.  If a child does not obtain an experienced Juvenile Defense Lawyer, they can be subject to placement outside the home, significant and intrusive probation, weekends away from home, significant community service, and weekly probation meetings in Bucks County.

Juvenile Crimes Information and More

Whether your child has been charged with a seemingly minor crime or a serious charge in Bucks County, you should call immediately for a free consultation.

We prepare for each Bucks County juvenile crime case.  We treat each case as if it were going to trial.  We ensure that your child’s liberties and rights are not violated and we make sure that we get all of the discovery, evidence, and information from the Commonwealth as soon as possible.  You will meet with Juvenile Crimes Attorney Paul Lang on multiple occasions, even if it is simply to update you and your child about their Bucks County juvenile matter.

For adult matters in Bucks County involving crimes, you should call Bucks County criminal lawyers for assistance.

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